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Armed Robbery Defense Services In Albany, GA

When You Need A Skilled A Robbery Defense Attorney – Phillips & Nemajovsky Is Here To Help

Theft charges of any kind are a cause for great concern. Armed robbery charges are particularly serious, as the state of Georgia treats any crime with a dangerous weapon much more severely.

Our firm is prepared to provide you with the fierce and compassionate representation you need to defend against these alarming charges. An armed robbery lawyer from our firm will work to ensure that you receive a fair application of the law and that your rights are protected throughout every stage of criminal proceedings.

Armed Robbery Charges In Albany, GA

Georgia state law describes armed robbery as a criminal offense that occurs when someone takes (or attempts to take) property from another person by using an “offensive weapon.”

The term “offensive weapon” has been a source of debate in Georgia courts over the years, but it has been established that these are objects which could be used to cause significant bodily harm or death when used offensively. While this may mean that items such as razors and letter openers can result in an armed robbery charge, the court does not consider hands and feet to constitute as weapons for these crimes.

(It’s important to note: You can be charged with armed robbery in Georgia if you were not using an offensive weapon, but had “any article, replica, or device” that has the appearance of being an offensive weapon.)

Because a conviction for an armed robbery charge relies on the state proving that you had the intent to commit (or did commit) an act of theft with an offensive weapon, it is crucial to have expert legal support who can help you defend yourself against these serious charges.

A robbery crime attorney from our team can use a variety of defenses, depending on the facts of your case. Each of the strategies that may be used will be tailored to your specific situation by creating an expert assessment of your potential case outcome.

What Are The Penalties For An Armed Robbery Conviction In Georgia?

Armed robbery is considered a felony in Georgia. If a conviction is found, the penalties are very severe – ranging from 10-20 years in prison. Because of mandatory minimum sentencing laws in the state, the lowest sentence is 10 years in prison with no early release.

Due to new laws in the state of Georgia, there are even more severe minimum sentences for individuals convicted of Armed Robbery of a Pharmacy. These cases will see a minimum sentence of 15 years with no early release.

For individuals who have been convicted of violent felonies in the past, an armed robbery conviction may result in life in prison with no parole.

Because the penalties for armed robbery are so strict in the state of Georgia, it’s imperative that you have a skilled burglary lawyer on your side. Our team will make sure you understand your charges and have expert, professional representation along each step of the way.

Phillips & Nemajovsky, P.C. Attorneys At Law

If you have been charged with theft of any kind, our team of defense attorneys is here for you. We have represented clients in Albany, GA, for nearly 30 years and we are prepared to take the action you need to find the best possible outcome.

Don’t hesitate to contact our office to schedule an initial consultation today. We look forward to speaking with you.

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